A Brand New Form

Concept & Display


Form Landscape Architects


Developed In House

The past few years have been an exciting period of growth for Form Landscape Architects. Our team has welcomed new members, our valued client base has extended, and we have had the opportunity to work with new consultants on numerous high profile projects.

Throughout this growth, we have constantly been improving our processes and developing new ways to effectively communicate our ideas and solutions. However, we needed to take a moment to tie it all together. After over ten years of operation, we needed to reflect on who we are and what we do. We have used our rebrand as an opportunity to reinvigorate our message, and reintroduce ourselves to you.

Our brand identity is a representation of process. To form is defined as “to cause something to have a particular shape or form over a period of time—to make something begin to exist”. At our core, we are a design focused practice—we draw, we design, we document. The lines of each letter are a representation of numerous lines, angles and curves coming together to form a resolved design. Our process is to problem solve and create solutions to not only meet the requirements, but also value add to each individual project.

The supporting material for the rebrand rollout could be described as a blank canvas—clean, simple, consistent and organised. This blank canvas allows the individuality of each project to be the focus.

2017 looks set to be another exciting year for Form Landscape Architects, and we look forward to taking you on our journey with us.