Apartment Residential


New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland


Tom Dooley Developments


Plazibat + Jemmott




2010, Master Builders Housing and Construction Awards, Best Residential Building High-Rise $15-$30 Million

2010, Master Builders Housing and Construction Awards Project of the Year

Located on the edge of the Brisbane River with expansive views of the CBD and Storey Bridge, Aquila Apartments is the result of a successful collaboration between Architect (Plazibat + Jemmott) and Landscape Architect (Form Landscape Architects).

Presented to the street at a human scale both architecturally and through the lush subtropical landscape, the design provides a subtle and considered public interface with a simple water feature, deep layered planting, and clearly defined entries.

The pathway is framed by arching bamboo to provide definition and privacy to the entry corridor. This entry corridor leads residents and guests through into the central courtyard that contains the development’s recreational facilities. The separation of pool areas and external courtyard areas has been blurred by the careful consideration of level change, water connection, and key visual links between spaces.

A contemporary green roof design which is visible from the pool terrace level and apartments above provides a simplistic landscape pattern defined by fluid drifts of gravel and landscape planting. Deep courtyard spaces located below ground level have been transformed into lush tropical intimate garden spaces that utilise climbers and screen planting to create a cascading vertical garden.

Revegetation of the river bank incorporates transitional planting from semiformal exotic species close to the building edge to dense planting with local endemic species along the riparian zone.