Aveo Newmarket

Senior Living & Aged Care


Newmarket, Brisbane, Queensland




Jackson Teece

Aveo Newmarket represents evolving trends in retirement. Existing originally as a low-density retirement village, this project exemplifies the transformation in mindset toward a vertical model. In a staged rollout, past and future residents will become part of vibrant community with access to a diverse range of functional and recreational facilities.

The site represents an abundance of opportunity. Nestled within the established Brisbane suburb of Newmarket, the site is enveloped by parkland to the south-west and pre-war character housing to the north east. Connections to traditional Brisbane, the surrounding parkland and biodiversity are acknowledged and strengthened through the design response.

As a means of providing engagement with the external community, a plaza space unfolds onto the Free street interface.  Retail activation, shaded seating opportunities, and pedestrian dedicated pavements facilitate a range of social interaction. Intimate gatherings with family and friends up to market stalls can take place within the plaza.

Central to the design is a green core.  Free of buildings and basement structures, a large square of deep landscape sits central to the development, allowing buildings within the masterplan to breathe. Large scale trees, rolling lawns, sensory gardens and outdoor recreation opportunities promote a sense of space, wellness and visual relief within the built form.

High quality interfaces throughout the development connect residents to the surrounding parkland and neighbourhood. Observation decks cantilever into parkland canopy, a pedestrian connection promotes direct access to Balun Park and use of its facilities, gatehouses and visually permeable fencing connect residents to the neighbourhood at a street level.

This exciting project provides an opportunity to provide accommodation for people seeking interdependent living spaces with access to existing local facilities and parkland. the potential for “ageing in place” within the local community is maximised while capitalising on local amenity.