Ayla Golf Course

Golf Course




Ayla Oasis Development Company


Greg Norman Golf Course Design

Jordan’s only 18 hole Signature golf course is part of a large scale waterfront resort situated around a man made lagoon. The resort will also include luxury hotels, villas, and terraced golf estates overlooking the golf course.

For golf professionals and enthusiasts, there are very few destinations in the Middle East that offer the prestigious facilities and serene surroundings that Ayla has to offer.

The soft landscape for the Ayla golf course embraces the site’s context, drawing from the long ridges of the surrounding mountains, the pink rolling desert sand dunes, and the sparse but interesting and sculptural plant species characteristic of the region.

The golf course tees, fairways and greens float in a desert sea creating a beautiful contrast of warm and cool tones and a clearly defined and unique golf play corridor.

Planting has been strategically selected and located not only as a means of conserving water but to encapsulate the essence of the rolling dunes and desert landscape. This is achieved by reinforcing the ridges, valleys, and islands between the fairways and endeavours to reinforce and compliment the long undulating sand mounds formed in the golf course design and construction.