Barker New Farm

Apartment Residential


New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland




Under Construction

The landscape design intent for 55-61 Barker Street embraces the subtropical climate of Brisbane through the integration and interpretation of landscape elements characteristic of the New Farm area.

The design explores how developments of this nature can be more “connected” and contribute to the public domain. This connection has been integrated through the placement of communal passive garden spaces to the front of the building where selected spaces have a strong relationship to the street, similar to the front verandas of traditional Queenslander houses. A varied level of transparency invites views into the front garden while still providing private pockets for residents to comfortably utilise, ultimately activating and promoting surveillance along the street. Rather than hard edges such as walls and fences separating the public and private domains, elements such as timber blades, laser cut screens and lush landscaping present to the street providing an artistic sculptural display that are drawn from and compliment the architectural language of the building. The communal open space offers an intimate composition of landscape elements including swimming pool, shaded outdoor seating, and garden pathway all integrated into a lush subtropical landscape.