Bradbury Park Scooter Track

Parks and Open Space



Chermside, Brisbane, Queensland


Brisbane City Council






2021 QLD AILA Landscape Architecture award for Play Spaces

2021 National AILA Landscape Architecture award for Play Spaces

The Scooter Track at Bradbury Park is a first of its kind hybrid facility for all ages.  Combining elements of pump track and skate park, Bradbury Scooter Park offers riders a linear course punctuated with trick moments and obstacles.  The track focusses on learner and pre-teen riders, however there is also significant challenge for the more experienced.  

The Bradbury Scooter Track project demonstrates innovation in its combination of two traditionally separate experiences.  Trick park and linear course.  Riders can have a linear experience cruising the course and engage with various obstacles if they so choose.  The inclusion of overtaking lanes was a key design feature enabling this choice.  Riders of varying levels can bypass obstacles unmatched to their skill level.  Dips, moguls, jumps, splash puddles, vibration pads and more can be found along the 200m long journey.   

Innovation has also been demonstrated through the incorporation of existing landscape features within the design.  The two mature gum trees can found at the western end of the course drove the geometry and set out of the entire course. Their alignment provides a center line axis for the two major concrete ellipses. The inclusion of significant existing trees within the design provides practical amenity at the ground plane as well as a sense of symmetry, balance and visual aesthetics when riding the course.  Parents and spectators lay blankets out under shade while riders trace elliptical paths around the extents of the canopy.        

Existing topography has also been embraced within the design.  Working with the gentle crossfall of the land has eradicated the need for walls and batters on site allowing the track to sit naturally within the existing context of the park.  Facilitating this design feature has meant that substantial slope analysis was carried out by the team. Obstacles were strategically positioned in accordance with their compatibility with speed and gradient. Extensive consideration was given to placement to ensure that obstacles were both practically executable and safe. 

The entire project from design to construction was delivered during the COVID19 lockdown period in Brisbane.   The design and construction team had to adapt to new technologies and social distancing measures while under an already significant time pressure. Significant logistical obstacles were also overcome in the procurement of materials and curation of sculptural artwork used in the construction. 

The Scooter Track is also a significant demonstration of sustainable landscape design.   The course was centered around the retention of existing gum trees.  Earthworks and path alignments were sensitively executed to  ensure an integrated outcome.  Waterwise and endemic species were also integrated into the design.   

The Scooter Track at Bradbury Park is a significant contribution to the local and broader community.  The course is regularly used by the local kindergarten and offers young families within proximity an exciting and active experience.   The Scooter Track also acts as a strategic puzzle piece within a larger all ages vision for Bradbury Park as a whole.