Budds Beach

Apartment Residential


Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland


Thakral Holdings


Fluid Architecture / KPF

Situated amidst the Gold Coast’s Main Beach Precinct, the Budd’s Beach Hotel and Residential Towers have been designed to become a social and tourism landmark.
Accessible to local beaches, parks and existing retail and entertainment precincts along the Gold Coast strip, the proposed mixed use development provides a variety of residential, commercial, tourist, retail and recreational opportunities.

Hotel and residential towers are situated at opposing corners of the site to maximise the available ground space for active shop frontages, public plaza and to take advantage of available view corridors and vistas. Emphasis has also been placed on creating a high quality public plaza space to attract a diverse mix of residents and visitors.

Form Landscape Architects wanted to provide an holistic design solution for the mixed-use nature of the development. The landscape presents a co-operative environment, triggered by the need to respond to a changing city landscape and a broadening social ecology. Anticipating the development’s nodal significance and transit infrastructure, the design subtly amplifies on-ground pedestrian routes, movements and experiences. Public domain dominates the ground floor landscape, with active and dynamic edges adding interest to the space, offering various visual and physical experiences.

The landscape encourages social interaction and desirably, encouraging social acceptance of the development as an identifiable part of the Gold Coast’s city collective. The union of recreational, retail, functional, ecological and green spaces presents a versatile urban environment acceptant of current need and aware of future vision.