Griffith University

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Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland


Griffith University


Cox Architecture

The renovation of Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus is a fascinating opportunity to be involved with one of Queensland’s leading tertiary education providers. Located in the native bushland of Southport on the Gold Coast, is the university’s largest campus, and is host to over 18,000 students. This particular phase of the campus renovation is set to rejuvenate the previously named Gold Coast College of Advanced Education which has remained largely untouched since its original construction in 1987.

The design seeks to reimagine the pedestrian connections between the existing facilities with expansive, soaring roof structures coupled with contemporary furniture and well-arranged student conclaves. The perk of envisioning the landscape design for the university has been the access afforded by on-campus experts, specialising in horticulture – especially with indigenous flora. A symbiotic dialogue between designer and expert has seen a careful selection and placement of plant material that aims to compliment the forms and colours of the architectural forms, while helping the campus retain its positioning in the native bushland environment.