Mossvale Waterway Corridor

Parks & Open Space


Wakerley, Brisbane, Queensland





Mossvale is a large master planned residential estate located in the bay side suburb of Wakerley in Brisbane. Form Landscape Architects were engaged to prepare a landscape masterplan and detail landscape designs for individual housing, neighbourhood parks, vegetation buffers, district park and waterway corridors throughout the project.

The waterway corridor provides an important green spine through the Mossvale estate. It functions primarily to convey stormwater from the surrounding residential development along a constructed pond and riffle creek system to existing creek lines and wetlands located on land to the east of the site. Form Landscape Architects worked closely with the Civil Engineers to prepare a design resulting in a varied natural aesthetic and numerous niche pockets along the length of the creek. Extensive site survey and analysis were undertaken to establish and limit the extent of civil works in order to retain significant vegetation communities existing within the waterway corridor.

Residential pockets are linked through a network of pedestrian pathways weaving through the retained vegetation, bridge crossings over creek lines, and boardwalks edging the numerous feature lagoons. Significant detail has been prepared for furniture, artwork and sculpture for the project and has been incorporated into the design to strengthen the public interpretation and identity of the Mossvale site. The corridor is designed to be a highly interactive green space that reinforces the important role that water plays in the ecology of site.