The Heights Sculpture Park

Parks & Open Space


The Heights, Pimpama, Queensland


Sunland Group

Spanning 105 hectares of gentle hillside on the northern Gold Coast in Pimpama, The Heights presents an unparalleled master planned environment where expansive parklands, sensitive urban planning and the area’s own natural beauty converge to create an enduring and vibrant community.

When completed The Heights community will present 2 significant community parks, 4 neighbourhood pocket parks, and substantial conservation fauna corridors. The first community park is framed by elegantly designed houses and challenges the usual parkland design response by embracing the idea of ‘park as sculpture’. A unique environment has been crafted within the space where carefully designed pieces of sculpture and landscape unite to provide a variety of engaging interactive experiences.

A central feature of the park design is the Fig Tree Labyrinth. While the mythological and English definition of a Labyrinth is synonymous with a maze there is a clear distinction between the two. The labyrinth has one continuous path leading you into the centre and then out again. The way is not concealed or disguised by walls; it just takes strength of mind to accept the journey and stay on the path. A maze hides its secret turns and dead ends, and employs multiple paths. Symbolically it can still be a metaphor for life’s journey, but the emotions stimulated by entering a maze are much more distracting. There is also an opportunity to be unable to find your way through a maze, leading to negative feelings and responses. In contrast, the only physical challenge of the labyrinth is to stay on a simple path, so this frees the mind to relax creating a meditative experience.

Our team are excited about observing the way the community are engaged and interact with this park and its elements. We are passionate about creating sustainable community spaces that present meaningful experiences while challenging the standard perceptions and expectations that we face in the public domain. We genuinely respect and appreciate a client that is willing to embrace this vital part of the jigsaw in creating better communities.