Skippy Park

Parks & Open Space


Landsborough, Queensland


Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Skippy Park was developed in collaboration with local communities after it was identified that more open space areas were required to support the Glasshouse Communities. The design of the park was centred on preservation of the existing natural environment and promoting activity and discovery through natural play.

Exploration of the natural surroundings we enabled us to identify four distinct zones – creek gully, palm gully, foothills, mountain ranges – providing a base from which to develop our design language.

The creek gully meanders through the play landscape. Boulders, stepping stones and hollow logs provide various play and exploration challenges. The palm gully provides a reflection of surrounding hinterland rainforest area combining timber boardwalks and log and rope connections crossing the dry creekbed for climbing, playing and exploring under a dense palm canopy. The foothills feflects the grazing lands and natural grassy districts at the base of the surrounding mountains. Combining a gentle slide from top of the hill to lower sand bed, balance logs connecting mounds and pathways, concrete pipe with internal artwork spanning the foothill width for hide and seek game play and timber fort element foothills to provide for various challenge levels and age groups. The mountain range precinct reflect the surrounding peaks of the Glass House Mountains providing a large mounded hill with vertical climbing walls and super scale granite boulders located on top as the mountain peak.

The synthesis of these precincts and associated elements forms a strong family of themes centred around natural based play opportunities and exploration within a supervised environment that reflects the surrounding land interface and all its activities.