Form Landscape Architects strive to exceed expectations by creating inspirational spaces and places for its people and communities, in order for them to thrive together into the future.

The studio was founded by Principal and Managing Director Matthew Franzmann in 2005 and has grown into a team of over twenty talented and culturally diverse individuals. In these fifteen years our team has delivered a variety of prominent projects not only in Australia but in the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific region.

With a diverse project portfolio ranging from large scale master plans to intimate garden courtyards, our experienced team are committed to connecting people and place. Each project is approached with creativity, passion and a collaborative attitude.

Our process can be broken down into three simple steps–Dream, Compose, Experience.


Not only do we dream, we dream big. The name of our studio, Form, is considered as a verb, a process. To form is “to cause something to have a particular shape or form over a period of time–to make something begin to exist”. Every project starts with an idea, and putting pen to paper. Our initial process of forming an idea, pushes the boundaries of a brief in order to achieve a result that exceeds expectations. Concurrently, we endeavour to distil the innate qualities of each site – the way we live, links to our heritage, endemic beauty and the surrounding natural systems. We believe that high quality design is intentional and is achieved through detailed understanding of the historic, natural and built environment of a site.


Once the dream is realised, we compose, and we compose together. The role of the Landscape Architect is often one of coordination. We believe in working side by side with clients and consultant teams to build genuine enduring partnerships, where trust and respect are core ingredients for exceptional compositions. Our team place a strong emphasis on creating vibrant and well-informed spaces that positively respond to the way we experience life and the realities that we face together. Limits need to be explored, tested and redefined to truly innovate. Our use of high-quality graphic presentation and immersive computer technologies assists in the visualisation and analysis of the validity of our concepts through to clear and considered detailed documentation.


The end result is a landscape that can be experienced, and experienced forever. Through our rigorous symbiotic process we create engaging spaces that tell stories and leave lasting impressions. The forms and styles that are ultimately produced, are deliberate and personal to both designer, client and community. Our vision is that even after the resulting physical landscape may be gone due to the confines of time, the memories remain forever. The photographs, the stories, the memories are passed through generations, forming a small part in history that we strive to make a lasting contribution to.

Dream Big, Compose Together, Experience Forever.